Professional Writer & Editor

Matthew Sherdan Web Content Writer
Matthew J. Sherdan: Copywriter, Web Content Specialist

I write riveting website copy that compels your visitors/buyers/clients/readers to take action. Whether it’s register for a newsletter, create a new profile, sign-up for email blasts and new offers, share with their audiences on social media or simply call or contact your business in order to make a purchase or enlist your service. 

To accomplish this, I provide my clients with a wide range of options, recommendations and analysis. 

I employ cutting edge digital marketing and internet branding strategies that begin with crafting quality written and visual marketing copy. I only contract with small to medium sized businesses or freelance professionals looking for a unique one-on-one experience where we work together in order to reach your goals. 

My personalized approach to your business’s marketing strategy separates me from the ad agencies. I take interest in your business, brand, products and services to the point where I personally observe your business, get to know you and your clients as people, conduct surveys and questionnaires to gain feedback and then brainstorm and plan alongside you and your team the whole way. 

This instantly enhances your credibility, clarifies your goals, establishes your brand’s message and creates a consistent message. Likewise, this leads to success. In the end, I work hard to increase your sales or generate new leads, funnel more traffic to your site or online shop plus increase your local or national search engine ranking (SEO) (takes 3-6 months for results as per Google). 


Hillary and Chris Johnsonare expecting their third child!
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Fill out a Contact Form to request more information and to learn more about my services.   




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