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Matthew Sherdan Web Content Writer
Matthew J. Sherdan: Copywriter, Web Content Specialist

As a business owner, manager or entrepreneur, you likely don’t have enough time to sit down and craft quality, informative and compelling marketing copy for your website and other digital outlets. 

 I’m Matthew Sherdan and I provide unique web copy that promotes your brand and compels potential buyers or clients to take action. 

My results are unparalleled, and I have the numbers to prove it. 

For example, I enhanced the web copy and digital presence for a small landscaping company with over 1 million in annual sales. By crafting great copy, I increased their monthly visitors from an average of 350 to over 1400 in only 4 months. That is an incredible increase in website traffic in a very short period of time.

*It takes Google to rank your site higher in search results after SEO best practices have been put in place. 

My services include writing effective advertising and marketing materials. This includes product descriptions, online and social media ads, website copy and copy editing, articles and blog posts plus more. Newsletters, client email blasts, review sites and profile management, Google Analytics monitoring and Google My Business setup and management.  

Regardless of your industry, your type of business or the products and services you offer, effective marketing copy that is creatively written, properly formatted and well researched is vital to your success and growth.  

Get started today by filling out a contact form and together we’ll reach your goals. Schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation now. 

Hillary and Chris Johnsonare expecting their third child!
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