Professional, Asheville Based Freelance Business Writer Specializing In:

Crafting Quality Website Content, Marketing Content and Copywriting Plus Copy Editing/Website Quality Assurance 

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide my clients with clean and polished web content that is well written, researched and planned. Regardless of my client’s industry, I provide quality marketing copy and website content that enhances a brand, tells a company narrative or story and also helps drive sales or generate quality sales leads.

pen-tablet and writing for website

Whether you need the pages of your website filled with quality content, or you need to start fresh and match the right words to your business, product or service, Matthew should be your first choice.


Matthew holds a BA in Technical Writing with a minor in Journalism from UNC Wilmington. To go with his education, Matthew has experience working as the copy editor for a non-profit newspaper publication, designing and developing a WordPress site from scratch, creating popular articles, writing interesting blog posts and more.

Matthew has a diverse set of skills, knowledge and interests. He has successfully researched, planned and crafted quality web content for a wide range of industries across several different genres including technology, landscaping, construction, gaming, sports, education and hospitality.        

In under 6 months time, Matthew took a successful landscaping business’s website and made it even more successful as it hit record numbers for total new website visitors, breaking the previous record by more than 20%. In only a few short months, the website went from an average of 800 visitors per month to well over 1200 and that number keeps getting higher. That’s an astounding 50% overall increase in average website visitors. 

This is exactly why hiring a professional content writer and SEO specialist like Matthew is an investment and not an expense. With more visitors, especially new visitors, to your website, your chances of landing new clients or sales leads increases exponentially. Not to mention the effect it has on your overall brand awareness and word of mouth. 


Matthew understands the business of business and the business of people. Writing quality web content that increases brand awareness and drives sales requires a strong understanding of both. Reach out today and discover the many ways your business can benefit from a professional content writer who understands your needs and can meet your goals. 

Feel free to contact Matthew for more information regarding your marketing needs, or to schedule a personalized consultation complete with an analysis and report. 


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