Online Resources For Generating Article Ideas & Post Topics

Need help with your site’s content? Want to publish interesting news articles that your audience will find interesting and compelling? Need some ideas for content that is specific to your industry? Constantly generating new topics for your company’s blog or news section can be incredibly difficult.

Even the most experienced professional writers occasionally struggle with developing new, fresh, and relevant ideas for blog posts and news articles. No worries, I’m here to help. Here are  a few online resources for generating original news and blog post topics.

Google Trends

A very useful tool for identifying current Google Search trends and keywords. You can apply filters to view popular keywords and search topics by region, country, and time. Google trends is completely free to use, and it can certainly give you a lot of information regarding your industry, product, or service.

creative desk ideas

Google Alerts

Similar to Google Trends, Google Alerts is great for finding the latest news and information as it pertains to certain search terms. For example, lets say you own your own restaurant, and you want to stay up to date on the latest Restaurant Technology. You can simply type “restaurant technology” into the Google Search bar, scroll to the end of the results page, and click on the box that says Set Up An Alert.

From there, you can set your alerts schedule, such as daily or weekly, and Google will send you an email with a list of all the recent articles, videos, books, and so forth pertaining to your search term. I write for various ports gaming publications, so I have set up alerts for terms such as “sports games,” “Madden NFL 18,” “NBA 2K,” and the list goes on and on. Great tool that takes a few minutes to configure.


Twitter is used for many reasons, and pushing personal agendas is certainly one of them, but Twitter is truly a great resource for staying current on industry specific news and insights. It’s a great platform for finding relevant breaking news.

Regardless of your industry or business, you should certainly have an ACTIVE Twitter account. Even if you just retweet or like other tweets, you need to be active on Twitter. It helps your credibility and shows your level of dedication to your industry or business. Once a day, or even once a week, log in to Twitter and post something, like something, or retweet something. The more you use it, the more you connect with others who share your purpose and interests.

twitter bird
Twitter is a great source for finding industry related breaking news

It’s easier than you think given Twitters various tools and cool features such as lists. Using Twitter’s “list” feature allows you to create a number of customized lists of accounts that you follow. These accounts should be relevant to your business, and consist of industry experts, analysts, and leading credible publications. These are great sources for breaking news, which you can then use to craft informative content for your readers and visitors to your website.

Who to follow

For example, you might want to follow ESPN on Twitter if you write about sports, but then follow the NFL if you specialize in writing about only pro football. If you own a restaurant in Asheville, NC, consider following popular accounts such as Southern Living, or to be more specific, Asheville based publications like the Mountain Xpress and Asheville Citizen Times. That way, you’ll be one of the first to know about things like planned events, upcoming shows, popular new places around the city, any pertinent laws or policy changes, and so on and so forth. You have to play around with the lists feature, and configure your lists to match your industry, location, and information needs.

Twitter Trends

Check out the Twitter Trends sidebar, too. It’s often overlooked because these topics are already Trending, but Twitter shows you trending topics based on your interests and followers. This means that the Trending topics sidebar just might have something you can use to work off of and craft an amazing post or riveting article that boosts your site’s traffic. Play around with this a little, but it’s a great resource for simply generating some ideas based on the most current and trending news stories.

IMPORTANT: Try to only follow credible news sources and actual people. Look for the Check Mark next to their Twitter handle (@xyz_p).

Putting It All Together

Generating ideas for new and fresh content is hard, but if you stick to a few simple rules and properly utilize the resources I mentioned above, you’ll eventually start to see your content’s performance improving.

When you sit down to write a post or article, think about your customers, your clients, and consider their needs. Think about their worries, concerns, and overall motivations on that specific day. If it’s snowing that day, then craft a piece that connects your product or service to that. Answer questions. It’s that simple.

If you run a landscaping service, then write a piece that involves protecting your lawn against a snow storm or something along those lines. Operate a moving service? Write about the challenges of moving in the snow.

You get the point.

Visitors to your site are likely seeking an answer or solution to a problem. Put yourself in their shoes by taking on a Buyer’s Persona. I’ll elaborate on what a buyers persona is and how you assume the role of one in a later post, but it’s sort of like role playing.

Basically, try to come up with content topics and articles that are first and foremost honest and transparent in their nature. No bologna or false claims. We live in the information age, and if you make false promises or give false information about you or your product or service, you’ll be out of business before you know it.

Consumers are, by nature, filled with apprehensions, worries, concerns, and doubts regarding their purchasing decisions.

Your articles should help your readers ease those worries, alleviate any concerns, and provide as many answers to the questions they might have–before they arise.

If all else fails contact me for a consultation complete with a web content analysis. I’ll look at everything from your website’s design to your industry’s most recent trends. 

If you require a more in-depth analysis of your site, I recommend Semalt, a digital website agency specializing in SEO and website optimization. They are based overseas, but provide incredibly valuable information regarding your site’s use of keywords and their effectiveness. 


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