Matthew chose to pursue a career in writing creative website content while earning his BA in Professional and Technical Writing from UNC Wilmington

About Matthew Sherdan, Asheville NC web content and SEO specialist

An Asheville, NC native, Matthew takes great pride in helping businesses and new entrepreneurs reach their goals. Matthew wants to make sure your business is reaching its full potential, and your website’s content is one of the many keys to that success. 

Beyond marketing copy and web content, Matthew has experience and training creating professional documents such as recommendation reports, employee handbooks and training manuals to add value and credibility to your business’s daily operations and standard operating procedures. A successful company is great at communicating internally as well as externally. One of the biggest challenges Matthew will help you overcome is explaining yourself, your business or your products and services to others – including employees and personnel.  

The ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a way that makes them easy to read, understand and comprehend is one of Matthew’s top skills. Using strategies such as telling your company’s story, adding Call’s To Action and establishing a social media presence, Matthew incorporates professional business writing into your daily operations. This is a proven strategy to marketing in the digital age, and it will increase your brand awareness and boost your sales or leads.  


Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook


Need some proof? View some of his work, see his previous clients, and check out the many ways Matthew’s skills can take your website to the next level.  

Ready to take the next step in growing your business? Hire a professional writer to take care of the words that define your business and fuel your digital marketing through your website.   

Matthew can’t wait to get started, and he’s waiting to hear from you. Contact Matthew for more information, or to schedule a consultation complete with an analysis and report.  



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