Asheville NC Web Marketing Writer and SEO Specialist Matthew Sherdan

I love helping others overcome challenges. I’ve found that I truly enjoy solving problems by creating solutions. Your website’s content and digital presence is one of, if not the most important keys to your overall success and growth as a business, and it’s incredibly difficult to manage both. My passion is helping you succeed in reaching your goals one solution at a time.  

The reason I chose to pursue a career writing and managing web content is the great feeling I get when I help others succeed. It’s the same feeling that gave me the desire to teach young people.

I found I was truly skilled at teaching and explaining the nature of things to people, but I also discovered that a career in teaching just wasn’t for me. After discovering I had a knack for writing and designing informative content, I chose to pursue my BA in English Focusing On Professional and Technical Writing from UNC Wilmington (Go Seahawks!).

I graduated, wrote for a few content mills (still do on occasion), took on a couple of freelancing gigs, wrote for some incredibly popular digital publications dedicated to sports and sports gaming and I slowly began to branch out.

Today, I work meticulously to help businesses reach their goals.  


I have additional skills such as creating professionally formatted documents, adhering to style guides and composing business literature such as employee handbooks and recommendation reports. A successful company is great at communicating internally as well as externally. One of the biggest challenges I will help you overcome is explaining yourself, what it is your business or service provides and what that means to others.   

about page chart from pixabay

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

In under 6 months time, I grew an already established and successful landscaping company’s website by creating and promoting digital content. The website soon hit record numbers for total new website visitors and page views, breaking the previous record by more than 20% from approximately 1,000 to 1,200.

That’s an incredible jump for a small business, located in a small mountain town, serving a specific niche clientele.  

Using accurate keywords, social media marketing and optimizing the site’s content to meet Google’s requirements and specifications, I was able to help the business expand its reach. To go off of that success, nearly 75% of all traffic came from organic Google Searches, and the business listing was appearing at or near the top of the first page of search results.

The amount of traffic generated more leads than ownership expected, and the company had to start turning down smaller projects in favor of larger, more lucrative ones. 

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